Nicolò Gavazzi


As low as €580.00

Leather octahedron bag with hyperbolic leather detail in a contrasting colour. Equipped with leather shoulder strap. Hidden magnetic closure. 

• Made in Italy
• Material: Genuine European leather tanned in Italy
• Internal details: leather lining and hidden magnetic closure
• Leather shoulder strap
• Comes with UTY dust bag and leather double tour bracelet made from bags production waste; both designed by Lissoni Graph.x
• Colours: Black, Cielo, Apple-green, Bouganville
• Dimensions: 35x11x11 cm


This collection of bags is a combination of some geometrical elements. The Pyramid, Cube and Octahedron are combined with an hyperbolic function that gives a twist to the rigorous precise shape.


• Genuine European leather tanned in Italy
• Colours: Black, Cielo, Apple-green, Bouganville
• Dimensions: 35x11x11 cm

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Nicolò Gavazzi
I always kept the desire to be able to produce one day or another the Cherry Bag. Finally thanks to UP TO YOU ANTHOLOGY it becomes real.
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