Manao Small Leather

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Leather handbag with gunco handle

To be crafted. Expected delivery in one month


Manao is a bag with a strong character and a clear design. A few simple folds give structure to a bag that tells a story of friendship and typically Italian know-how. This story can be read in the materials, chosen by the designers with great care. The handle is made of the Manao rush variety, from which the bag takes its name. The rattan is selected and worked by Bonacina1889, known worldwide for its exclusive rattan and wicker furnishings. The felt is produced by Feltrificio Gusmini, which for more than 100 years has been making superior quality woven wool felts, using irreplaceable vintage looms alongside the latest generation of machinery. The leather is worked in Tuscany, an area that has always been known for the processing of hides, and packaged by expert local craftsmen. The fabric of the clutch is produced by Torri Lana 1885, supplier of the most important companies in the world of design, active for more than a century in a district famous for the manufacture of fabrics since the Middle Ages. The Manao bag tells a piece of Italian production history, enclosed in a line with a timeless graphic character. Manao is available in two sizes, both available in both felt and leather. In the leather versions the clutch is removable.


• Leather
• Dimensions: L70 x H29 x W3

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"Manao bag is an opportunity to apply our graphic vision to a product that has life together with the person who brings it"
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