Elena Salmistraro


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Round Crossbody bag made of layered patterned leather. Adjustable shoulder strap. Magnetic clasp and metallic buckle. Wearable on the shoulder and by hand.

• Made in Italy
• Material: genuine European cowhide tanned in Italy
• Internal details: microfiber flock lining
• Adjustable leather shoulder strap
• Comes with UTY dust bag and leather double tour bracelet made from bags production waste; both designed by Lissoni Graph.x
• Colours: Salmon, Ice White
• Dimensions: 24x24x7 cm

Elena Salmistraro is an Italian designer and illustrator. She has worked for many leading global brands including Disney, Ikea, Vitra, Nike, Seletti, De Castelli, Yoox and LuisaViaRoma. One of her work’s priorities is the research of the object’s expressive language, which fascinates people by evoking emotions to them. READ MORE


The idea came by chance while playing with my daughter: a small cylindrical kaleidoscope inspired me to enclose an infinity of colours within a perfect shape, a circle. A circle full of colours that, when put on a white sheet, begins to take on the most disparate appearances, getting closer and closer to a face, to a mask. The colours change into textures, into geometric layers of superimposed fabric, like an artistic composition. The result is a young, contemporary, fresh bag suitable for everyday life with its infinite compositions thanks to the materials and colours used.


• Genuine European cowhide tanned in Italy
• Colours: Salmon, Ice White
• Dimensions: 24x24x7 cm

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Elena Salmistraro
"Unwittingly it has always been my dream, which woman would not like to design her bag?"
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