Bocconi Students - The Andrea Bag

The Andrea Bag

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A multipurpose bag that converts from a handbag into a backpack composed of vegan smooth leather. Equipped with ergonomic top handle and adjustable hide-able shoulder straps. Front pocket with magnetic closure, two side-pockets, PC compartment, and safety pocket on the back. Wearable as a handbag or as a backpack.

• Made in Italy
• Material: vegan high-quality leather
• Internal details: different compartments
• Colour of zipper: silver
• Adjustable and hideable shoulder straps
• Comes with UTY dust bag and leather double tour bracelet made from bags production waste; both designed by Lissoni Graph.x
• Colours: Black
• Dimensions: 38,5x13x52,5 cm

Result of a project with students of Bocconi University in Milan, The Andrea bag was first thought up to be the perfect companion for everyday lifestyle.READ MORE


The Andrea Bag was formed from the simile ‘Like Water’. Water has three qualities that, as well, resemble our bag - malleable, unifying, and unpredictable. Water adapts itself to any shape or form necessary, The Andrea Bag aims for this fluidity by providing a design that can fit any situation or person. The unifying aspects focus on how all humans are made of at least 60% of water, this essential bag reflects on this through our gender-neutral design and with the name Andrea, both a male and female name. Finally, the waves of the ocean can be unpredictable, calm one day and harsh the next, the Andrea Bag was designed to fit into our consumer’s hectic lifestyle by matching your varying needs and wants.


• Vegan high-quality leather
• Colours: Black
• Dimensions: 38,5x13x52,5 cm

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Bocconi Students - The Andrea Bag
"Our team is a variety of different cultures, ideas, and strengths. But we all have one commonality which is minimalistic design. This is why we partnered with Up To You to create a product that could represent a mix of our visions. Mr. Gavazzi’s company inspired us with its Made in Italy presence, handmade craftsmanship, and its sustainable aspect to production."
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