Naoto Fukasawa


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Medium smooth rectangular shoulder bag

Naoto Fukasawa is a Japanese product designer.

With his designs devoted to the sublime beauty of form imbued with the power of silence, Fukasawa has designed for a wide range of leading brands worldwide. READ MORE

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"Walking around Tokyo, Omotesando st. surrounded by the casual, and yet rich and glory of the people, the street, the variety of cultures. All of these inspired me to design a simple collection, for everyday use, and at the same time unique with top quality and high precision, to the smallest detail. The collection is based on two types of iconic bags. One is a thin flat geometric shape, and the other one is a small shoulder handbag with a roundish square. Both are mainly for ladies. "


• Gange leather
• Black, Siena, Chalk white color
• High quality leather
• Dimensions: 27x34x06 cm

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Naoto Fukasawa
"I was interested in collaborating with Nicolò (the founder) and a great Italian manufacturer. It was a fertilize dialogue between the manufacturer and me, the designer. The prototypes they made were wonderful. They made bags that go beyond the design I proposed."
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