Leonardo Talarico

Minima Square

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Square-shaped leather wrist pochette with card holder compartments inside

Leonardo Talarico is an Italian designer and creative director. READ MORE


Minima was born as a study of form and function, in order to make chic and elegant an intuition and a marked stylistic trait. Sharp lines that eliminate the superfluous, from the square to the rhombus, from the half-moon to the circle shape, up to the sculptural version that unites the different forms.
"I wanted to give strong personality to pure forms by attributing a function, an idea of style and a vision. Minima is a collection of bags going beyond the canons of traditional accessories. I imagine these bags worn by someone with an extremely personal and powerful style”


Genuine European Cowhide tanned in Italy
• Colours: Black, Sky, Lime
• Dimensions: 16,5x16,5x2 cm

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Leonardo Talarico
"The business plan is fresh and innovative, so I accepted the brand's invitation. I usually express my vision of the world with temporary design and architecture. This time however, my projects are worn and exhibited by the most attentive buyer, the woman."
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