Tomoya Tabuchi

Loop L

As low as €400.00 €327.87

Leather shopping bag characterized by the presence of zips on both sides, this detail makes it particularly capacious and practical, without having to give up sophisticated design.


It is simple, not limiting how and where to carry in daily life, The signatures of this bag are the particular silhouette which fits in the body at putting on shoulders and the continuous handle which creates its shape. It is easy to pull out or put in the stuffs inside by accessing from side zipper.


• Colour: Blue Navy, Black
• Material: Leather
• Dimensions: 55x37x15 cm

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Tomoya Tabuchi
I’m interested in this new system of UP TO ANTHOLOGY, that will expand possibility for the bag. It is very exciting to participate in this new trial happened in Italy. A bag is a very close tool in daily life. This project gave me a good chance to reconsider a relationship between everyday possessions and human.
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