Zaha Hadid Design

‘Reinterpreting The Ordinary Into Something Unexpected’ Zaha Hadid’s contribution to the design canon includes multi-disciplinary research and development, which spans more than 40 years. However, beyond Hadid’s known architectural achievements, lies a further expression of her inventive methodology and process, manifest as progressive design in fashion, jewellery, furnishings, installation and exhibitions, within the portfolio of her second studio ZAHA HADID DESIGN (ZHD).

When speaking of the origins of ZHD, co-Directors Maha Kutay and Woody Yao explain: ‘ZHD was established to articulate Hadid’s contribution at another scale and beyond her work as an architect. From multi-media design research, to interactive spatial explorations, and product design exploring new mediums, her interests defined our objectives as a practice.
What we have learned from Hadid, how she shared her knowledge with her team and her mentorship, has defined the intention of the ZHD Studio.’

From collaborations with global luxury brands; to commissions by influential design galleries; to exhibition design for leading cultural institutions; or within Hadid’s own label of objects for the home and beyond, ZHD continues to examine its role, within the context of contemporary culture, by defining a new path for experimental design.



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