Bocconi Students - Anita




‘ANITA is a beach-bag entirely made in Italy, destined to all free-spirited women ready to live the Dolce Vita’.

Our universe is entirely constructed around the Italian Dolce Vita concept. Through the bag’s elegant shape, white and beige colour palette, and resistant materials, we want to transport our Anita owners into their dream destinations. A place where they can take the time away from their hectic work to fully relax and live their lives without worrying about details such as the safety of their items or whether their bag is going to be dirty if left in the sand.


• Hemp fabric and canvas 100% cotton
• Colours: Beige
• Dimensions: 34x16,5x35 cm

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Bocconi Students - Anita
"The Up-to-You-Anthology collaboration with Bocconi University is quite unique for every one of us. It is a great opportunity to further explore the Made-in-Italy sector, to grasp the Italian expertise of its artisans and finally challenge ourselves to promote it. In fact, ANITA was the result of our individual backgrounds and sense of creativity."
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