51 ° N (fifty-one degrees north) is the parallel of Greenwich where Margate (Isle of Thanet) is located, the place where I decided to live, since 2016, for long periods of the year When I first arrived in Margate, walking from the station to my hotel, I was trying to orient myself in the fog, and one of the first things I was able to see was one of the access ladders to the boats of a small pier (Harbor arm). Two round red arches, I immediately thought it was an evocative and archetypal image, almost poetic enough to become the characterizing element of the bag. Thus was born the "51 ° N", a small bag with pockets divided according to use. Suitable for dynamic people, who ride a bike and even walk to work, who have neither time nor desire to go home to leave their work bag and take a bag to go out, who have no intention of wasting too much time looking for the accumulated objects, as happens in “traditional” bags.


• Genuine European cowhide tanned in Italy
• Colours: Hunter Green, Cinnamon, Grey
• Dimensions: 29 x 31 x 5 cm

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"I care a lot about sustainability, UP TO YOU ANTHOLOGY bags have all the characteristics to become iconic pieces and this makes them more durable over time. I saw in this project an opportunity for all designers who have ideas to develop."
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