Candela Pelizza

Cielo to go

As low as €750.00

Soft printed leather made of genuine European cowhide tanned in Italy. Inner slit pocket and lined compartments. Gold chain and details.

• Made in Italy
• Material: genuine European cowhide tanned in Italy
• Internal details: ultra-soft lining, inner slit pocket, two compartments.
• Adjustable golden chain
• Comes with UTY dust bag designed by Lissoni Graph.x
• Colours: Blue
• Dimensions: 30x17x25 cm


I got inspired by what I wanted to gift to the world, a blue sky to always bring with you even when the skies are grey outside and inside of us!


• Genuine European Cowhide tanned in Italy
• Colours: Blue
• Dimensions: 30x17x25 cm

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Candela Pelizza
"The bag is conceived as a gift, not as a trend, its purpose is to be a forever thing. You can hang it in your room and it will make you dream even during dull days. Cielo to go is the bag that makes you say ‘yeah I’m wearing this, I’m going out in the world and I’m going to turn each moment into a wonder"